Prague incoming

Outside Prague

Excursion after Czech Cristall and Czech history

Together, we´re about to investigate /step by step/ production process of Czech famous cristall in one of Czech cristall factory not far away from Prague. If you are Czech critall admirer, you will appreciate the oportunity to buy cristall for favourable prices in the shop inside the factory. Each visitor, as a bonus, will be given small cristall present. This excursion can be furnished with the visit of one of the famous medieval castles /Křivoklát, Karlštejn/. Castle Karlštejn i sone of the most visited medieval castles in Czech Republic. Founded and erected by Roman king and emperor Charles stands as the point of Czech crown jewels conservation point. Křivoklát as well offers to visitors briliant look into castle stashes and Czech history.

What you enjoy:  inspection of Czech cristall factory – free time to buy Czech cristall – lunch in restaurant – visit of Czech medieval kastle

Length of excursion: 6 hours or free hours /depending on whether kastle visit is inluded in trip or not/

The „spa“ city of Karlovy Vary /Carlsbad/

The „spa“ city of Karlovy Vary /Carlsbad/ is the biggest of its entertainment kind in Czech Republic, simply on of the most favorite one day trip off Prague. The visitors and patiens from world wide have been enjoying the positive effects fo these sources in Carlsbad for centuries. Among those, who loved the healing effects, you can find Russian emperor Peter The Great or poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe. During your excursion, you can admire briliant architecture of buildings and colonade fitted with healing wals /the highest one springs more than 15 meters high/. The city itself is known for the production of liquer Becherovka together with famous Czech Cristall brand Moser. The town is situated in nice countryside of West Bohemia about roughly 130 km from Prague.

What you see: town center excursion – coffee in Grandhotel Pupp – visit of Becher /distillery/ museum (optional) – lemure time for shopping – lunch in historical part of town

Length of excursion: 8 hours (coach, walk in Carlsbad)

Historical town of Kutná Hora /UNESCO/

Kutná Hora /sometimes bearing nickname of Bohemian Athens/, constitutes very important conservation area, listed in the cultural heritage in UNESCO. The town histoty is linked to extraction of silver which at its prime represented one third of total European production of silver. The former wealth of the city shows reflection in well conserved monuments that you can admire during your visit /St.Barbora cathedral or Unixe church decorated solely with human bones/. Kutná Hora is situated 90 km east from Prague

What you enjoy: town investigation walk – inspection of St.Barbora cathedral – Church of bones visit or museum of silver – lunch in historical city center

Length of excursion: 6 hours (coach, walk in Kutná Hora)

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