Prague incoming

Excursion after Czech Cristall and Czech history

Together, we´re about to investigate /step by step/ production process of Czech famous cristall in one of Czech cristall factory not far away from Prague. If you are Czech critall admirer, you will appreciate the oportunity to buy cristall for favourable prices in the shop inside the factory. Each visitor, as a bonus, will be given small cristall present. This excursion can be furnished with the visit of one of the famous medieval castles /Křivoklát, Karlštejn/. Castle Karlštejn i sone of the most visited medieval castles in Czech Republic. Founded and erected by Roman king and emperor Charles stands as the point of Czech crown jewels conservation point. Křivoklát as well offers to visitors briliant look into castle stashes and Czech history.

What you enjoy:  inspection of Czech cristall factory – free time to buy Czech cristall – lunch in restaurant – visit of Czech medieval kastle

Length of excursion: 6 hours or free hours /depending on whether kastle visit is inluded in trip or not/

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