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Czech history exploration tour – Prague Castle /UNESCO/

The lovers of history and architecture will certainly appreciate the tour focused on Third Town of Prague and Prague Castle. The tour comprises the entries to many Prague Castle objects with worthy history. The tour begins with exploration of Strahov monastery /one of the oldest ever existing monasteries in the world kept by Premonstrate order/. The most important piece of literature are kept in monastery library, notably in well decorated philosophical and teological halls. Through Loretánské square with the famous Loreta pilgrimage point you will be guided to Prague Castle. The Prague Castle was founded about 880 by first Přemysl family member and according to Record Guiness Book i tis reported as the biggest Castle komplex area in the world. The Prague Castle is formed with many palach and holy building of various architectural styles.

What you enjoy: Strahov monastery /teological and philosophical hall included/ - Loreta pilgrimage point /Santa Casa included/ - Prague Castle /St.Vitus cathedral, old royal palace, Basilique St.George, Golden Lane, Royal gardens/

Time on tour: 4 – 5 hours /walk tour/

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